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Provincial Chapter 2014The celebration of the XVI Provincial Chapter began with a solemn Eucharistic celebration on Sunday 26 October, 2014, on the Solemninty of Jesus the Divine Master, at 6.30 p.m. in the Chapel of the PG block of Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth (JDV) presided over by Rev. Thomas Dabre, the Bishop of Pune. Present for the General Government was Br Blaise Thadathil, General Councillor.

Congratulating the Provincial, Fr Michael Raj, on his reappointment the Bishop said the Congregation has placed much confidence in him. He wished him all the best and exhorted the members to collaborate with the Provincial.

During the homily Bishop Dabre reiterated the need for personal and inner transformation of the heart and mind to become relevant and effective apostles in the Church. He congratulated the Chapter members and the Congregation for its specific apostolate and the contribution the Society of St Paul is making to the people of God through the media of social communication.
After the Holy Eucharist and the dinner, the Chapter members assembled for a recollection as an immediate preparation for the celebration of the XVI Provincial Chapter. Fr Selva Rathinam SJ, the President of JDV, guided the Chapter members to a challenging and meaningful reflection based on Jesus' temptations (Mt 4:1-11). While describing the three elements that make up religious life, namely, community, mission and prayer, he explained how temptations enter into one's imagination, move to flight of fantasy leading to action. Quoting St Ignatius, he described the three ways the temptations enter into a person or congregation: as a military leader, who finds the weak areas and attacks; like a false lover, having many secrets to hide and finally as a nagging wife, who keeps demanding wrong things. He concluded his inspiring talk by showcasing the Gospel vision (kingdom of God), Gospel mission (Charism) and strategies (the three vows) as presented in the Gospel of Mathew.

List of the Participants

Fr Michael Raj - Provincial Superior
Fr Jose Pottayil Director General of Apostolate
Fr Thomas Mangamthanath Director of Formation
Fr Jose Pulickakunnel - Delegate
Fr George Chathanatt - Superior
Fr Aji Manimala - Delegate
Fr Joseph Thenasseril - Delegate
Fr Richard Amaladas - Superior
Fr Gregory Rayappan - Delegate
Fr Siji Jose Pannakathil - Superior
Fr Francis Maniamkerry - Delegate
Fr John Gilbert Kannikattu - Superior
Fr Francis Dalmet - Delegate
Fr Johnson Vattakunnel - Superior
Fr Correa Robert - Delegate
Fr Saju George Ellickal - Superior
Fr Varghese Gnalian - Delegate
Br Thomas Eanthanakunnel - Delegate
Fr Joe Eruppakkatt - Superior
Fr Baji Devasia Puthiyaparambil - Delegate
Fr Alfonso Elengikal - Delegate
Fr Paul Kottackal - Superior
Br Jolly Thenamkalayil - Delegate
Fr Wilson Thekkanath - Delegate
Fr Saji Antony Chakkazhath - Superior
Br Angelo Pullokaran - Delegate
Fr Joseph Kandachamkunnel - Delegate
Fr Thomas Ramayil - Delegate

Juniors' Representatives
Khongsni Jeffrey
Mekala Punna Rao


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